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High School

Prepared for Significance

High School (9th-12th Grade) is a time for your student to explore the things that fascinate them as they mature and step into the incredible plan that God has for their life.

Daily Schedule 

High School 8:15-3:15

Exploring Passions

Our Biblically-based academic curriculum encourages your student to dive deeper into subjects that fascinate them.

Lifelong Friendships

A safe and supportive school environment that encourages your student to make lasting relationships with peers and educators.

Spiritual Maturity

Creating space for your student's continued spiritual growth while offering opportunities to practice spiritual leadership

“We were learning to serve in our community. We were learning to serve each other. We were learning to be a servant to our world.”


- Sara Forgie, RN

Class of 2013

Graudation at Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy

Spiritual Formation

The RMCA High School team is committed to giving your student life-changing spiritual formation experiences through:

  • Mentorship from their educators

  • Exegetical Biblical teaching

  • Spiritual leadership opportunities in chapel

  • A Senior Class Trip to Israel

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