Faculty & Staff

Head of School

Tony Robinson

Director of Development

Dannah Young

Curriculum Director and

Media Center

Ruthie Williams

Administrative Assistant

Mandy Garrison

First Grade Teacher

Taylor Hepler

Early Ed Teacher

Kim Miller

History/Bible Teacher

Tom Gill

Fifth Grade Teacher

Elaine Enloe

Science Teacher

Mandy Knox

Spanish Teacher

Alyssa Franco

Elementary Assistant

Caitlin Tweed


Susie Hepler

Dean of Students

Sarah Bolick

Athletic Director / PE Teacher

Katie McFarland

Elementary Assistant

Karen Grooms

Kindergarten Teacher

Michele Hopson

Fourth Grade Teacher

Megan Scott

Math Teacher

Danny Kendall

Reading Specialist

Tammy Cantrell

Music Teacher

Carrie Gilstrap

Life Management

Ashley Peluyera

Early Ed Assistant

Kaitlyn Williams

High School Principal

Christy Messer

Director of Student Support

Heidi Neese

Office Manager

Mary Rice

Business Manager

Diane Patterson

Reading Specialist

Shirley Hyatt


Debbie Browning

English Teacher

Cynthia Royer

Reading Specialist

Lynn Lewis

Early Ed Teacher

Amber Cicillian


Rachel Cline

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Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy, a private, Christian school serving the Greater Asheville area since 1999.


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Tel: 828-645-8053 / Email: info@rmcacademy.org 

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