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Middle School

Discovering Passions

God created your student with a unique set of skills, abilities, and passions. 7-8th grade is when students can start to grasp how God made them and how much God loves them.

Daily Schedule

Middle School  8:15-3:15

Freedom and Responsibility

Lead by experienced educators, your student learns academic responsibility as they prepare for the transition to High School.

A Place in the Community

Your student learns the fundamentals of community in a supportive school environment that encourages God-honoring relationships.

Discovering God

Faith becomes personal as your student is encouraged to engage more challenging Biblical concepts and dive deeper into their relationships with God.

“Everything we do here at RMCA is different than a public school setting because everything is done through a Biblical lens.”


- Sarah Bolick

Dean of Students

Middle School

Team Pledge

The Middle School Team at RMCA is committed to three guiding principles:​

  • To provide an academically challenging curriculum

  • To ensure safe and supportive school environments

  • To provide mentorship opportunities for your student

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