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Student Life

A supportive and well-rounded Christian school experience.

For students to be fully prepared to live a life of significance, they need to have formative experiences outside the classroom. Whether it's through the creative expression of fine arts, or the competition of athletics, extra-curricular elements of student life are an important part of the process.


Christian School values, from the classroom to the court.

Athletics at Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy is considered to be an integral part of the total school program. The athletic program has as its purpose to provide experiences, which will encourage young people to mature mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. The focus is on discipleship through athletics, in addition to the development of the skills necessary to compete athletically.


Students are motivated toward the achievement of excellence, while good sportsmanship and the maintenance of a Christ-like attitude are stressed at all times.

RMCA Volleyball Team

Fine Arts

Nurturing creativity at Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy.

Fine Arts Study is the intentional study of writing, drama, music, and visual arts. The principles of design, harmony, balance, rhythm, unity, repetition, contrast, and dominance are principles of God to be recognized, learned and developed in all areas of our lives. Students are consistently challenged to appreciate what is beautiful and recognize the creativity of the Creator.


Learning to draw is learning to see; learning to play music is learning to hear; to see and to hear more deeply, more richly, more emotionally - more spiritually - the way we long to see and hear God. 

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