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Affordable private school tuition with payment flexibility.

Registration and Application Fees


Every student is required to pay a registration fee each year. This fee covers registration, application and student resources.  A $200 deposit is due at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment.  Remaining registration balances are due by August 1st.  Registration fees, including deposits, are non-refundable.


Annual Tuition


All tuition payments will be made through FACTS our online tuition billing service. There is a yearly per family enrollment fee of $20-$50 depending on payment plan choice. All families will access their financial accounts through the Family Portal in the FACTS system. Our administrative office will assist all families in establishing their Family Portal accounts.


Payments options include: One payment in full due by August 10th; Two semi-annual payments due August 10th, and January 10th, or 12 monthly payments due on the 5th of each month.

Multi-Child Discount


A multi-child discount of ten percent is offered to families with more than one student enrolled at RMCA in grades K-12.  Full tuition is charged on the oldest child, ten percent will be deducted from tuition for each additional child enrolled from the same family.

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