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In a culture where traditional values are at risk, RMCA reinforces the principles you teach at home, guiding your student toward a path of purpose and meaning. 

The world is changing every day, and the biblical traditions that once guided it are becoming harder to see. Preparing kids to thrive in a world you hardly recognize can be a daunting proposition, but in this time of rapid change and uncertainty, the significance of a strong education and spiritual development becomes even more important. 


For over 25 years, RMCA has walked alongside families just like yours, teaching lasting, eternal principles that equip students to live a life of significance and be a positive force for good in their community. 

Make Lifelong Friends

Foster authentic and God-honoring relationships in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Discover their Passions

A staff of experienced educators, a value-driven curriculum, and low classroom ratios ensure that your student has the tools they need to thrive academically. 

Fall in Love with God

Shared spiritual growth that helps students engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, get involved in their local church, and apply Scripture to their daily lives. 

RMCA is commemorating 25 years of educating and inspiring students. Join us in celebrating the past and investing in the future. 

What Our

Graduates Say

"I want to constantly thank RMCA for giving me a faith that can move mountains, teachers that to this day are praying for me, and friends who I will have for the rest of my life."

- Helen R.

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